Brand New Brand at Chrisbeon

Brand New Brand at Chrisbeon

The massive Banner brand of office stationery will be available through our catalogue for the first time in January.
Announcing the introduction of Banner products to our 2012 catalogue, Chrisbeon partner Richard Hughes said: “It’s a quality brand at competitive prices.

“This tried and tested range is far more extensive than we can currently offer and we believe our customers will welcome the opportunity to access the Banner brand.“We are confident that Banner will enable us to increase our stationery turnover because there is a much wider choice, featuring over 850 every day office products at great prices.

“We will also be able to offer innovative environmental benefits to customers
because in future we shall not be producing so much packaging.

“We are currently trialing a new re-usable delivery box system which could
reduce the amount of packaging required by 75%.”

He added that Truline was committed to managing its waste responsibly,
recycling it wherever possible.

Monthly gas and electricity consumption were measured in an effort to reduce cost and usage.