Everybody in an office job deserves a good chair is the maxim of a Telford-based office supplier.

Richard Hughes, partner of Chrisbeon Office Supplies, of Stafford Park, says that for almost a century researchers have been trying to answer the question: What is a good chair?

He says extensive research to which he has access has revealed that people who sit down to work for long periods of time run a high risk of low back injury – second only to those who lift heavy weights.

“Research I have recently collected shows that the total number of lost work days and the cost of each back injury are increasing,” said Richard whose company is a leading supplier of chairs from a worldwide manufacturer.

“As economies are shifting over to knowledge work, more people are sitting down on the job than ever before. Researchers have observed and catalogued movements of 40 office workers for a combined total of 160 hours.

“As a group, these workers spent 93% of their time sitting in an office chair. People in every office are doing work that has been radically influenced by the computer. Office technology has changed dramatically.

“They don’t often have to get up off their seat because all the information they need is one key stroke away. And with much of the information processed for them on screen, they have fewer reasons to work away from the computer – and therefore leave their seat.”

Chrisbeon Office Supplies is currently marking its first anniversary as a dealer for Herman Miller, one of the world’s leading designers and manufacturers of chairs.

Said Anne Corry, Herman Miller Dealer Market Manager, based at the National Design Centre in London: “We are delighted that Chrisbeon Office Supplies of Telford are representing Herman Miller.

“Our relationship with Chrisbeon represents Herman Miller’s continued strategic commitment to align ourselves with independently owned, locally based furniture dealers who are integrated into business communities.

“We know that this strategy offers customers world class products together with outstanding local service. We look forward to our future together,” she added.

Some of the world’s most famous politicians and celebrities have sat on chairs similar to the ones that Chrisbeon Office Supplies have in their Telford showroom.

Said Richard Hughes: “Since our appointment exactly a year ago these highly researched and evaluated office chairs are proving extremely popular in Shropshire and surrounding area.

“Everyone who comes into our showroom to try our range of chairs love the Herman Miller style and comfort.”

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