Richard Hughes with a Recyclabox

Chrisbeon have set ourselves a goal to significantly reduce waste and packaging.

We are a family owned and run business since 1974, and we’re introducing the new Truline Recylabox to provide an even more environmentally responsible delivery service to our customers.

Truline, a logistics company, now warehouses and delivers all our stationery products and delivers nationwide on our behalf.

As a result, we are able to offer our customers deliveries in a sturdy 100% recycled collapsible recyclabox, with the contents held in place by a clever little card insert, which means no more loose filler and less mess when unpacking

Once goods have been removed and stored, the recyclabox can be collapsed in readiness for re-use.

Customers return the recyclabox by arranging for it to be given to the delivery driver when he next delivers.

Chrisbeon partner Richard Hughes:  “It would be great if we could help to dramatically reduce the amount of packaging required for deliveries.  Unfortunately, not every stationery product will fit in the new recyclabox due to size constraints. But where possible they will be used in future.

“We are ensuring that delivery packaging – and therefore waste – is taken away which means customers don’t have an empty box to dispose of.  We collect the box on our next delivery.

“As a business we are committed to making sure we are as environmentally friendly and kind to the earth as we can be.”

Mr. Hughes said the business supported the National Forest and strived to shred and recycle all its office paper and waste as well as taking care to ensure that all cardboard and packaging from furniture installations was removed from clients’ premises and recycled back at its warehouse in Telford.

Stationery catalogues are all printed on recycled paper which, added Mr. Hughes, also helped the environment