A Telford man who worked for a family owned business from the age of 16 for 18 years – has returned.
Ryan Bratley has re-joined Chrisbeon Office Supplies after leaving the Stafford Park based office furniture and stationery supplier in 2006 to join a furniture manufacturer.
He said today:  “It is just as if I have never been away.  I am reacquainting myself with customers – many of whose names I remember from my previous 18 years with the company.
“If I can do another 18 years of service with Chrisbeon then I shall be extremely delighted.”
He started as a junior in the warehouse around the same time as Chrisbeon partner Richard Hughes and together they loaded and unloaded vans, assembled desks and delivered them when they became old enough to drive.
Ryan went on to become a top salesman with Chrisbeon and after nearly eight years away has returned to the firm as one of its sales managers.
Said Ryan, 41, of Little Dawley:  “I thoroughly enjoyed working for the Hughes family and probably saw more of Richard’s parents Brian and Jean than I did of my own parents.
“I am pleased the family ethos has remained steadfast and it really is like I have never left.  When I joined the desk manufacturer I parted company with Chrisbeon on very good terms and I must say it is a pleasure to be back.”
Said Richard Hughes:  “The great thing is Ryan knows Chrisbeon through and through.  He has knowledge of our customers, many of the products and the local area.
“We shall bring him up to speed on our systems and technology as well as train him on our 3D office planning system.  He will be involved in networking and will help us to promote Chrisbeon within the Shropshire Chamber of Commerce of which we are patrons.

“Our recently opened concession in the Alan Ward Store in Shrewsbury is new to him, but he knows all about home and office furniture and, most importantly, knows our company.”

Chrisbeon business partners Craig Hughes (left) and Richard Hughes (right) welcome Ryan (centre) back to the fold.