Protecting the environment and safeguarding our planet for future generations is a major priority for all of us – which is why we place such major importance on being as environmentally-friendly as possible.

We are constantly keeping our environmental eye on anything we can do to further this commitment, whether it be through our products, packaging, paperwork, or in the normal day-to-day activities of our staff. Here are some of the ways in which we are doing our bit to help the environment.

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We are proud to be IS09001 accredited, which means we meet the criteria of providing an internationally recognised standard for delivering quality supplies and products, including the installation of furniture for both the public sector and commercial organisations.

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We offer a recycled range of compatible ink cartridges and toners – a greener alternative for items which need to be replaced regularly.

Our comprehensive, compatible range is reliable, sustainable and cost-effective, guaranteeing the quality and page yield is at least as good as the original.

We also offer a collection box recycling service so you can dispose of used toners safely.

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When you are creating a new space for employees and visitors with new office furniture and potentially a new layout, the process needs to be completed as swiftly as possible to ensure the least downtime for members of staff.

We offer a furniture trade-in service on existing office furniture which as well as offsetting the cost of new furniture means our staff will organise the breakdown and removal of existing furniture, which also helps to meet your ‘green’ obligations.


Many of our papers and a wide range of our furniture is Forest Stewardship Council accredited – a system which allows consumers and businesses to easily recognise, buy and use paper, wood and other products made with materials from recycled sources and well-managed forests.

For more information, see the FSC Website.


At Chrisbeon we strive to shred & recycle all our office paper waste and take care to ensure that all the cardboard & packaging from furniture installations is removed from clients premises and recycled back at our warehouse.

Our stationery catalogues are also printed on recycled paper which again helps the environment.


Look out for the icons in our main stationery catalogue which show recycled content and suitability for Recycling & Globe & Tick, detailing environmentally-preferred products.

Please consider whether you need a printed catalogue – we are making a concerted effort to reduce the amount of catalogues we have printed in order to reduce paper usage and waste.

To achieve this, we are instead promoting our website and online ordering as well as the ‘Flicki’ online catalogues.


Waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE)

As a distributor of electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) we have a responsibility to provide our customers with a way to dispose of household electrical and electronic equipment when we sell a new version of the same item.

We offer a free ‘in-store take-back scheme’ on a like-for-like basis for household customers (not business customers) who buy new WEEE equipment from us.

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Many of our furniture and seating ranges are made right here in the UK, helping the national economy to safeguard manufacturing jobs and also dramatically reduce shipping costs and the Carbon Footprint.