A new office look for 2022

A new office look for 2022

It’s an exciting time for employers looking to revamp their office space.

With so many new and exciting furniture options coming to the fore as manufacturers look to meet the needs of business owners and managers post-pandemic our planners have a whole host of ideas for client spaces of the future.

And a major one of those is a focus on individual space.

This is a major change following the global lockdown and subsequent fears about the health and safety of a large team, many in open-plan offices, and has resulted in the development of furniture that allows employees to work in their own space while still being within the office.

And as bold colours and funky designs continue to be popular, new and exciting furniture designs are set to appear in offices large and small across the UK.

From individual office space to meeting options for open-plan space and individual space for a video conference call – or just some quiet time!

Home office options

These options work not only in larger offices but also in a home office where workers may be in need of a quiet space or furniture that marks out their working environment from the rest of the home.

We have spotted these designs both in furniture shows laying out new trends and in our manufacturers’ showrooms – and have brought many of them to our Telford showroom to ensure Shropshire businesses can see them in situ.

Planning out the space and options for you

The team cannot wait to incorporate this modern look and theme into their office planning, and to fit out the offices in 2022 and see the finished look.

If you are looking to revamp, or create new, offices in 2022 do get in touch, give us a call on 01952 292606 or pop into the showroom on Stafford Park 4 and have a look at some of the options now on offer!