Antibacterial chairs never more vital

Antibacterial chairs never more vital

Restricting the spread of infection has always been important but in the extraordinary times we are living through at the moment it is focusing all our minds in a way which is completely unprecedented.

Anything we can do to minimise the risk of infection of any virus is a good thing so we would like to tell you about the range of antibacterial seating solutions we are providing in collaboration with our partners.

Chrisbeon has a long association with many market leaders in our industry and one of our partners, Summit, has been in business for more than 40 years – about as long as us and just as committed to quality and customer service as we are!

The go-to name in healthcare

Summit is one of our UK manufacturers and has many years of experience in providing seating for healthcare facilities including:

  • GPs
  • Hospitals
  • Care homes
  • Dentists

The range is extensive and provides chairs for administrators and staff, a variety of side chair ranges in different styles and with wooden or steel frames, beam seating chairs with unbreakable steel structures and even pouffes for children – the kind that will hopefully keep them quiet and well-behaved as you wait to see your medical professional.

Summit is a tried and trusted brand – the company of choice when it comes to fitting out healthcare facilities and a popular make of chair with our customers, providing the quality, reliability and longevity they are looking for.

Chairs are also available at different levels with steel-framed extra height seating an ideal solution for people with mobility problems who find normal height chairs difficult to negotiate.

Antibacterial protection

There is a wide range of specially designed fabrics which can be used to cover the chairs which provide long-term effective protection against microorganisms and bacteria and are made by firms including Chieftain Fabrics, Agua Upholstery, Panaz and Camira.

They all provide high-performance coverings which are hard-working and designed to be an effective deterrent against the risk of infection.

Chairs with metal or wooden surfaces are also protected. An antibacterial epoxy coating is an ideal solution for metal surfaces while a quick-drying lacquer is used on wood giving the highest level of antibacterial protection.

Our chairs provide the confidence and reassurance of a quality product with the additional benefit of reducing the risk of infection. To find out more about how they could help you, call us on 01952 292606 or email