Behind the scenes of Chrisbeon

Behind the scenes of Chrisbeon

Having a peek behind the scenes of a business always reveals more than you would expect.


One of the things we find at Chrisbeon is that customers don’t realise how many staff are involved in providing the great service they receive.

From the sales assistant for the stationery to the sales manager for the furniture, the CAD designers, the IT workers, the warehouse managers and the delivery team – there are dozens of people working hard to make sure that from the beginning of your experience with us, right up until your furniture is in place or your stationery is in the cupboard, you receive the best possible service.

And if you have been a customer of ours for a while you may notice that the faces at Chrisbeon tend to stay – the first six members of staff we are going to introduce you to have clocked up more than 100 years service combined!

Thirty of those years have been marked by Elaine Pratt, who works in sales and is part of the accounts team.

“Chrisbeon is a very friendly company to work for, and a very supportive one,” she says. “They value their staff and they value their customers so everyone always gets great customer service.”

Elaine worked with Chrisbeon at their Priorslee base before the company moved to its current premises on Stafford Park in Telford and in Lancaster Road, Shrewsbury.

“I work in the Telford office answering the phone, manning the reception and serving customers who come into our showroom, as well as sending out customer invoices and dealing with the sales ledger,” adds Elaine.

“I very much enjoy working for Chrisbeon and when I reached 30 years I came into the office to be greeted by balloons!”

Elaine is one of a number of the team working in the Telford branch and next month we will be introducing you to Ben, our warehouse manager, who will be talking about his trip to Paris!