Chrisbeon earning top marks for classroom refurbishments

Chrisbeon earning top marks for classroom refurbishments

Schools and colleges are bright, exciting, active environments – areas we just love to get our teeth into when called upon to provide classroom refurbishments.

Colleges and schools are an integral part of everyday life and we think it is vitally important to ensure students have the most suitable furniture available to help them as they strive for educational excellence.

The best learning environment

School furniture is a significant factor in the learning process – providing the comfort and posture support necessary in enabling the best conditions to encourage the required levels of concentration needed to achieve desired work results.

Furniture in an educational setting is so much more than . . . well, just furniture. It can:

  • Bring students together
  • Encourage productivity
  • Provide personalised spaces
  • Opens up the option to create zones

All of which helps to aid:

  • Focus
  • Concentration
  • Involvement
  • Collaboration
  • Stimulation

Things to consider

When thinking about a classroom refurbishment it is important to consider the age group of the students, flexibility of furniture choices, functionality, support and comfort. 

We find, for example, that more lightweight desks and chairs are a better option for children of primary school age and that things like tilt tables and sit and stand furniture are more suitable for older students. Furniture that is more durable and better quality is also a good option for educational environments.

We use 3D designing when we are working on educational spaces and have a great deal of experience in refurbishments of classrooms and other areas in educational settings. We were recently involved in a substantial refurbishment at Telford College – which all went off very smoothly.

Our team was able to repair or supply replacement parts for 20 old swivel chairs out of warranty to save them from having to be replaced. We were also able to provide an upgrade of desks and chairs and supplied specific monitor arms, cpu holders, cable management and power modules to accommodate a new way of working in one area where they have installed PC monitors one on top of another, rather than side-by-side.

Get in touch

Whether it’s desks and chairs, furniture for storage, ergonomic items, breakout area, library or office furniture you are looking at for your educational setting, Give us a call on 01952 292606 or call in and see us at our showroom on Stafford Park, Telford, to find out how we can help you.