Creating a workplace where everyone can thrive

Creating a workplace where everyone can thrive

Workplaces are constantly evolving with businesses and employees having greater expectations of the environment they work in. 

There is also now greater flexibility in how people work, whether that be from home, in the office, or a combination of the two – all of which means it’s important to create a workplace where everyone can thrive!

It probably won’t come as a surprise that many employees find their working environment underwhelming and somewhat dull, something which has seen many companies spring into action to make their workplaces more appealing. 

Eliminating the workplace as a chore

The bottom line is that your staff will function more efficiently in an atmosphere they enjoy rather than one which makes the working day a chore. This has the benefit of increasing productivity, keeping staff happy and healthy and giving your business a distinct advantage.

It may not be totally clear exactly what improvements your staff would like to see and it is impossible to cater to every individual taste but some ‘upgrading’ ideas will be self-evident to you and include:

  • More comfortable eating areas
  • Chill-out areas, complete with soft seating where staff can take time out from the working side of the office
  • Designing more staff-friendly areas to accommodate Teams or Zoom meetings – an increasingly important part of day-to-day office life that really grew in the Covid and post-Covid world.

An expert’s view

Simon Howorth, marketing & design manager at DAMS Furniture, a UK manufacturer of office furniture and a Chrisbeon supplier, summed it up perfectly when he said:

“People are increasingly looking for meaning and connection in their job, and the modern workplace needs to play a role in assisting individuals in finding meaning and developing relationships.

“No two employees are alike, yet our workplaces have historically failed to accommodate these variances. It is crucial that each worker is treated as an individual and their needs are assessed, with a work environment that offers a feeling of community and flexibility, in addition to being a source of income.

“This generates a buzz around your company that may attract fresh talent, retain the best workers, persuade potential leavers to stay and boost productivity.”

An important attraction

Businesses need to think about how they can attract staff back into the office and make it an appealing place to work when they are there. Another way of doing this is by making space available within the office for staff to engage in social activities and maybe host events.

We spend a lot of time at work so it needs to be a pleasurable experience alongside a place where employees can meet their full working potential. Doubling up the workplace as a social setting creates an atmosphere of interaction that would not be possible to the same extent for staff working from home.

A workplace where everyone can thrive

It has a positive effect on staff, their production and wellbeing, and the continued success of your business – making the office environment a place where everyone can thrive!