Employee screens keeping workplaces Covid-19 secure

Employee screens keeping workplaces Covid-19 secure

As workplace lockdown conditions are gradually lifted, it’s vitally important that employers and employees feel Covid safe and that social distancing measures are strictly maintained to ensure we avoid a second spike of the epidemic.

Making workplaces Covid-19 secure is one of the top concerns as the country starts to get the economy moving and we have been helping businesses achieve this by providing a range of protective screen solutions, including toppers for existing desk dividers and free-standing screens.

These are simple but effective steps that firms can take to help keep people safe, businesses operating and the number of virus infections as low as possible. The options are:

Desk Mounted High Screens

The ideal solution for maintaining individual workstation integrity. The screens are available in:

  • Fabric, as seen above, which comes with an added foam layer between the outer fabric and MFC Core.
  • Acrylic, as seen below, ensuring staff are separated but can still maintain visual contact. The clear screens are easy to maintain and support anti-bacterial cleaning.

The screens are fully secured and can be fitted to all 25mm desktops.

Screen Toppers

Giving additional protection by adding height to existing desk mounted screens which provide cough and sneeze barriers between employees. The choices:

  • Printed, as above, adding colour to the workplace, these screen toppers come in three biophilic designs which brighten the office and have a positive effect on mental wellbeing.
  • Acrylic, as seen below, the clear screens help staff to retain visual contact with colleagues while ensuring the safety barrier is maintained.

Free-standing High Screens

These three-sided high free-standing screens are easy to install, sit on the desktop, are supplied with metal feet for perfect stability and, once again, come in fabric and acrylic with all the benefits of the desk mounted screens and screen toppers.

We are also able to supply free-standing letterbox cutout style screens which allow for the passing of documents safely and are ideal for receptions and hotels.

All of our screens are designed for people to work in as safe an environment as possible, reducing the risk of infection and providing the reassurance and confidence necessary to keep businesses operating efficiently.

For more about the options we have available, telephone us on 01952 292606 or 01743 600365, or email sales@chrisbeon.co.uk