Is it time for an office upgrade?

Is it time for an office upgrade?

Are you thinking about changing your office premises? It can be an expensive and time-consuming process, so is your move really necessary? Or would a redesign be the better way forward for your business?

There are several reasons businesses move premises, but there are circumstances where a redesign, reinvigorating the space you already have, can work just as well – achieving all your goals at a fraction of the cost.

The benefits

A redesign will allow you to consider lay-out options, create a more effective workspace and make better use of furniture alternatives to improve the look of a tired area while better meeting the needs of staff.

Redesigning office spaces and investing in the right furniture can also have a significant impact on businesses and their workforce. It can be more efficient, more cost-effective and encourage a more productive working environment.   

A redesign can:

  • Improve your brand image – your new look layout will show off your business in the best possible light, highlighting your professionalism, innovation and creativity.
  • Increase productivity – a better layout and the use of ergonomic furniture create an improved working environment, which can only boost the wellbeing of employees and improve productivity.
  • Attract talent – an updated look with bright modern furniture can be a huge benefit to staff recruitment. Potential employees are often swayed by a firm’s commitment to staff wellbeing and an impressive working environment.
  • Save money – your redesign will be more cost-effective than moving to new premises. Have you considered our preloved furniture range? We can also part exchange existing furniture to bring the costs of new furniture down.
  • Demonstrate sustainable values—an office redesign will allow you to incorporate eco-friendly products into the layout, which will highlight your commitment as a business to the environment.
  • Have a positive effect on morale – an aesthetically pleasing workplace provides a positive boost to company workforce morale.
  • Better collaboration opportunities – the creation of breakout areas, open layouts and collaborative spaces can be an inspiration when it comes to encouraging innovation and teamwork.

If you would like to discuss redesign options for your current space please do get in touch with our team.