It’s official! Standing desks improve productivity

It’s official! Standing desks improve productivity

The news has come as no surprise to us at Chrisbeon that standing desks boost productivity, we have been shouting about the benefits for some time and have seen a huge increase in interest from businesses and individuals who want to give them a try.

A study carried out by the University of Leicester discovered 52% of people using standing desks over a year felt more engaged at work, while 43% of those who swapped from the more traditional sitting to standing desks said their performance in the workplace had improved.

The research, which was published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ), followed 146 NHS staff who had previously spent the majority of their day sitting down, with 69 continuing to be seated at work and 77 being given sit-stand office desks.

After a year, it was discovered that those using the sit-stand desks had reduced their sitting time by more than one hour every day.

We already knew that medical research has suggested constantly sitting down at work leads to health problems – particularly cardiovascular and a heightened vulnerability to diabetes. Now it appears we have evidence of a path to a healthier lifestyle.

Here at Chrisbeon we have a range of height-adjustable sit-stand desks which allows varying the working day between the sitting and standing position. Some are manually controlled, some have counterbalance control and others are electric.

Feedback from our customers has been extremely positive and they say sit-stand desks have made a big difference to their working day.

There is no doubt more and more people are turning to the sit-standing desk as an alternative option to being rooted to the sitting position for hours and hours each day. It is recommended that people spend at least two hours a day on their feet and preferably more to foster a healthier lifestyle.

The benefits to health and well-being appear clear and now we have some invaluable research which goes a long way to supporting this argument.

If a sit-stand desk helps to fight off fatigue, increases alertness and is beneficial to health it seems like a good idea to give it a go, doesn’t it?

Craig Marston, founder and director of Ke-design, an architectural services company with bases in Oswestry and Shrewsbury, recently added standing desks to his office and gave us his feedback on the difference it has made.

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