More than just office furniture…

More than just office furniture…

As a company we have been working with businesses across the UK and beyond for many years – but as well as office furniture there are other products and services that our clients require.

Our goal is to provide clients with as many of these products and services as we can – in order for them to run their businesses efficiently and cost-effectively.

We offer everything from pens to Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), plus a variety of services including secure shredding and battery recycling services.


With a new office often comes new branding and we supply promotional products to assist with marketing campaigns – from USBs to cups, clocks and calculators. A branded tie is even in our repertoire!

Personal Protective Equipment

When we are supplying furniture for a site office or factory they often require PPE and we have recently added an additional 6,000 personal protective products to our range, including high visibility clothing, hard hats, earplugs, water resistant gloves and footwear.

Our PPE is fully compliant and carries the CE mark and we are able to advise clients on an effective monitoring, maintenance and replacement system

Kitchen and catering

And of course there are the kitchen and break-out areas which, as well as the furniture, need tea, coffee, business hygiene roll and other supplies – all of which can come through Chrisbeon.

As we work with businesses our supplies come in larger quantities which is more cost-effective, a 1kg tin of Coffee Mate, 1100 Tetley teabags, a 2kg bag of sugar and of course the milk jiggers for visitors or meetings or conferences.


Our stationery offering is well known and ranges from pens, pads and paper to post-its, files, storage boxes and more.

Again, because we work with businesses of all sizes, our offerings are designed to meet their needs – including a metal bench tape dispenser for a post room or warehouse, hardboard clipboards, correction rollers, printer rolls and a 450g bag of rubber bands!

Office furniture and planning

When we work with clients to create the perfect office layout we gain knowledge about the business and what other products or services they may require – our vast knowledge of a wide range of existing customers means we know what is needed in certain industries and we are able to help in more areas than one!

If you are looking to move into offices for the first time – or planning to change your brand or revisit your current office layout – feel free to give us a call and have a chat on 01952 292606.