Protecting our future with eco-friendly stationery products

Protecting our future with eco-friendly stationery products

Recycling and creating an eco-friendly environment are things we are passionate about at Chrisbeon and we are delighted that an increasing number of people are seeing the light and doing their bit to ensure the survival of the planet – but there is still so much more to be done!

There are many simple ways to help achieve this including cutting down on waste, being more proactive when it comes to recycling and being more selective about the products we buy in the first place with a view to sustainability, longevity and disposal.

Vital statistics

To get into the right mindset it’s worth ‘recycling’ some important general facts and figures that you may find interesting:

  • Each year the UK produces more than 220 million tonnes of total waste.
  • More than 15 trees are reprieved through the recycling of each tonne of cardboard.
  • Recycling items results in fewer emissions and less energy used than in creating them from scratch.
  • The world has produced more than eight billion tonnes of plastic during the last 70 years.
  • On this scale, it means there will be more plastic in the sea than fish by 2050!
  • Plastic in landfill can take 1,000 years to decompose completely.
  • More than 2.5 billion plastic coffee cups are thrown away each year with only one in 400 estimated to be recycled
  • More than 65 million inkjet cartridges are sold in the UK every year, only about 30% of which are recycled.    

Stationery – but moving in the right direction!

Our focus as a business is on stationery and office supplies and we pledge always to take whatever steps we can to ensure we and our customers take the eco-friendly option whenever possible. 

We have an extensive range of products available at Chrisbeon, including stationery items which don’t compromise on quality while being kinder to the environment. They include:

  • Whiteboard and permanent markers from our edding EcoLine range which are made from at least 90% recycled material and can be refilled for multiple use – meaning they are both cost-effective and eco-friendly. They have the added incentive of 5p from the sale of each marker going towards the planting of trees in the UK and Africa through a collaboration with Tree Appeal and their Trees for Schools Campaign.
  • Our Leitz range, with every item being climate neutral, up to 100% recyclable and made from a high percentage of recycled materials. It includes a hole punch, stapler and desktop accessories such as magazine files, letter trays and waste bin.
  • Post-it notes made from 100% recycled paper.
  • Our Blue Angel office accessories range made from at least 80% recycled material and including desk mats, letter trays, magazine files, note boxes, pen holders, catalogue stands and wastebaskets.
  • Recycled compatible ink cartridges and toners.

You can always rely on Chrisbeon to lead by example when it comes to doing our bit to protect the environment – it’s something we and our customers have come to expect and demand from one of the country’s leading office and stationery suppliers.