Purple notebooks to personalised stamps – meet Elaine…

Purple notebooks to personalised stamps – meet Elaine…

Our staff are some of the most experienced in the business and we have been introducing you to the team in our regular behind the scenes blogs…..

Next is our longest standing full-time member of staff (and our stationery and bespoke rubber stamp specialist) Elaine Pratt.

More than 30 years with Chrisbeon

Elaine has worked with us for 33 years, since 1987 when we were based in Priorslee. We moved to Stafford Park in 1990 and have been there ever since.

Elaine is our stationery guru and she has visited many stationery exhibitions over the years, where manufacturers release their new products.

Product knowledge

“It’s great as it keeps your product knowledge up-to-date,’ she told us, “Although, over the last few years, there have been fewer of these industry events put on.

“I mostly work in sales, serving customers, as we get a lot of the general public visiting our showroom to purchase stationery too, not just business customers.

“I take a lot of orders on the phone too, and love having a chat with customers.”

Long-standing customer relations

Elaine, who also sells some of our pre-loved furniture, has built up relationships with long-standing customers over the years, many of whom have turned into friends outside of work.

“One of my best friends outside of work is a customer from many years ago, who used to place weekly stationery orders with us,” she said.

“We used to regularly chat on the phone at work but now we spend time outside together when we can.

“I like it when the customers come in with different enquiries. It’s nice to see people and you get used to them and they get used to you too.


“Lots of people really like stationery. I had one customer who came in who always wanted everything purple…so purple books, pens and even paper.

“I also enjoy helping people with their specialist stamps. Customers come in with a special logo or address that they want on a stamp and we mock up a proof and order it especially for them. It’s a popular service.”

We are really proud of the way Elaine builds such good relationships with our customers.

Thank you, Elaine, from everyone at Chrisbeon!