Remote and hybrid working is here to stay

Remote and hybrid working is here to stay

Remote and hybrid working is here to stay – and offices across the UK are transforming work sites and employee homes to ensure a productive and efficient new way of working to suit their teams.

So where do you start?

The place to begin is your workforce. You need to assess their needs and requirements and how they integrate with your business’s needs and requirements.


To effectively integrate new practices, your technology will need to support how you are working, and key systems will be needed to ensure productivity in both a home office and an office workplace setting.


You will need to consider the physical environment that is being used. Home offices should provide your employees with the appropriate space, tools, equipment, and facilities to support them.

When we work with customers, we aim to optimise ergonomics, comfort and wellbeing, as well as consult with our DSE assessors to ensure legal requirements are met.

The office space also needs to be adapted to a new hybrid work culture with areas for flexible working and options for collaboration.


Employers that have already made a move to hybrid or home working may have already come across some of the challenges it poses – feelings of isolation among employees, a lack of motivation and the blurring of the work/life balance.

You will need to create a supportive workplace culture that is inclusive to the whole team, wherever they are working, and have policies in place that ensure people continue to be supported and connected.


Creating a successful work environment while incorporating homeworking and hybrid working depends on communication, support, environment and collaboration.

We have worked with a number of employers already embracing the change and recognising the potential benefits that new working conditions can bring – and our team continues to work with those taking that step in 2023.

If you are looking to adapt your workplace to better support your new way of working, please do get in touch with the team at, 01952 292606 or pop into our Showrooms on Stafford Park 4 to see some of the potential set-ups and furniture options on offer.