Stationery packages for individual employees – Covid-19 secure

Stationery packages for individual employees – Covid-19 secure

Every year as we get closer to September, we get a lot of enquiries about stationery as thousands of children prepare to head back to school.

In 2020, as with everything else this year, it is a little different….

As well as thousands of children heading back to school, many employees who have been homeschooling and working from home over the Summer are heading back into offices.

Individual employee stationery supplies

In the current climate, each employee needs to have their own stationery supplies to ensure items are not shared.

Writing supplies

Books and pads

Desktop accessories



Risk assessments

Traditionally offices would have one hole-punch and one stapler that can be used by all, but with new guidelines in place, the use of a single piece of equipment by all employees – especially one that is used regularly by the full push of a palm, is being flagged up in risk assessments.

Risks in these areas are being identified and the controls to manage that risk involves ensuring employees have their own pen pot with their own writing supplies and any small equipment they may need.

Plans and preparation

When planning to bring employees back in, look at the equipment they will need to use on a regular basis and make a list of what should be included in your staff stationery packages.

You can look at the options for stationery here we have listed a few additional items below that we have been distributing to businesses looking to minimise risk:




Recycled and recyclable

We are making a concerted effort to reduce the number of catalogues we have printed, to reduce paper usage and waste, which is why we are promoting our online ordering facility. There is a wide range of eco-friendly and recycled and recyclable products available.

Needs range dependent on industry and if there is something specific you are looking for, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us on (01952) 292606.