Chair repair – a working alternative

Chair repair – a working alternative

Chairs! One of the most important yet often underrated items when it comes to office furniture – particularly when you think about how much time you’re going to spend using it!

Having the correct chair for work is essential. It not only helps you carry out your daily work tasks in comfort but is also a major factor when it comes to ensuring you remain in good health.

We have seen a big increase in the number of office chairs sold recently and have an extensive range available to suit all requirements. We are also busy repairing chairs – perfectly good quality chairs with a few years stout service remaining which may simply need some attention.

Swivel chairs

Still one of the most popular and effective items for the office, or the home office, the swivel chair is the workhorse of the working environment but after a few years of frequent use a problem can occur with the gas cylinder – the valve that varies the height of the chair. But this doesn’t necessarily mean buying a new chair. The cylinder can be adversely affected when:

  • Weight recommendation has been exceeded
  • The cylinder is defective
  • The cylinder has reached the end of its life – this normally happens over several years

It will mean the valve, also known as the chair cylinder, bottle, stem or strut, which allows air in and out allowing the chair to be raised and lowered is no longer working properly and the chair keeps sinking.

Easy repair

This problem is fairly simple for us to solve with the correct tools but can prove to be more difficult for someone who hasn’t done it before – particularly when someone has been sitting on the chair for a number of years.

We normally stock the two most common replacement parts in our Telford showroom where people can buy and then fit them themselves. Or people can ask us to carry out the repair for them – something we do on a regular basis and a service we provide at our Telford branch which many people are probably unaware of. 

The chair can generally be fixed while the customer waits or we can arrange for collection and return if required. The cost of repairs ranges from £16.00 plus vat to £45.00 plus vat depending on what is needed and the service the customer chooses.

Operational condition

We only recommend the repair if the rest of the chair is ok. If the chair is very old, worn out or broken, there is no point changing the part but if the chair is still in good operational condition, replacing the part is extremely cost-effective and could extend the life of a chair by several more years.