Home office furniture – making it work for you…

Home office furniture – making it work for you…

Home offices are a big topic of discussion in 2020 and those employees that have spare rooms or existing offices at home have been able to move into the more permanent routine quite well.

Under the stairs?

However, we have worked with a number of businesses who need to be able to supply desks for employees that can be folded away after use, or that fit into smaller spaces like under the stairs or the corner of a bedroom even.

There are a number of options for those working from home that do not have access to specific office space. Designed and made in the UK our new range of smaller desks includes this fold-away desk that can be used in communal space and folded away when needed.

At Shropshire Professionals partnership meeting last month, dozens of businesses heard how it is important for employee wellbeing that those who work at home are able to close the door on their place of work when they are finished.

Clever desks for any space

This desk (pictured below), which is currently on display in our Telford showroom, folds flat so that it can be taken down at the end of the working period or day and then easily be stored, ready to put back up when returning to work. It is available from only £219.00 plus VAT, and we have a variety of finishes, including melamine, to choose from.

Folding desk and chair

The image below shows the desk in its flat form.

Folding desk in its flat form

We do know that storing paperwork can be an issue for those at home with little storage areas so we also have a smaller wooden desk, a home workstation with a pedestal, also on display in the showroom on Stafford Park. This desk (pictured below) is available from £584.50 plus VAT.

Grey desk with drawers

This lightweight, white desk (pictured below) was a popular purchase as lockdown started with many people looking to have a two-tiered small desk to hold their laptop and paperwork on different levels.

White desk

Employers are currently looking at the best way forward for both their businesses and their employees as more and more offices come back into action following the Coronavirus lockdown and subsequent restrictions.

The guidance is set to continue until at least 2021 and potentially for a much longer period so we are making our team available to guide employers and staff.

If you are looking for solutions for working from home or looking for office solutions to meet social-distancing requirements please do get in touch.