Chrisbeon INTune with other Good Samaritans to help community radio station

Chrisbeon INTune with other Good Samaritans to help community radio station

There’s nothing better for us than helping a good cause – unless it’s others joining us in rallying around to help a good cause!

The good people at INTune Radio Shropshire had a problem. They were looking for office premises and items to furnish it. Then, when it looked like everything was settled, the rug was pulled from under them, and it seemed like they were about to lose out.

But that wasn’t the end of the story, and in true soap opera style, the radio team received several offers of help to keep the dream alive – all willing to provide their assistance at no charge.

Setting the scene

INTune Radio Shropshire is a not-for-profit community radio station and is doing a magnificent job in serving the communities across Shropshire and Telford and Wrekin. The team from INTune Radio Shropshire take up the story:

Not All Hero’s Wear Capes! This is a real community spirit!

“We had been looking for office premises for some time, free of charge and in exchange for services we could provide. We were offered a place of about 700 square feet. We were delighted and excited – but how were we going to furnish it? As a not-for-profit organisation, everything is tight for us.

“Anna Rose Bowler from A Good Thing stepped forward and alerted us to lots of used furniture destined for landfill – most of which we could use to furnish our space. We were delighted.

“As time for our move neared, we tried to arrange delivery but found it difficult until Richard Hughes from Chrisbeon came to our rescue. Richard and his excellent community-focused team helped us save about £5k’s worth of office furniture.

Everything was scheduled to get the furniture from the company that donated it on the last day before it was due to go to landfill and have it delivered to our new office in Shrewsbury for FREE by Chrisbeon.

Out of the blue

“But our plans looked like they were being scuppered when we received a call to say the office had fallen through  – just like that, a few hours away from the furniture being loaded and delivered. So what were we to do now? 

“Having tried a few things we decided we’d have to admit defeat. We had nowhere for this amount of furniture to go, seemingly meaning the only choice was that it was going to landfill – such a waste!

“We then had a conversation with the most heart-warming Kaye Gunner who had learned of our plight, called a friend and then, two hours later, we had a storage facility for FREE, where we could keep the furniture until new offices could be found.

We couldn’t believe it – how cool!

“Chrisbeon team members loaded our furniture and delivered it to Storage Solutions Shrewsbury where owner Nicky Drew is now holding it for us and asking for NOTHING in return.

“People across Telford and Shrewsbury came together to help us, save a heap of usable furniture from landfill, and we are one step closer to finding a new home . . . a well furnished new home. Thank you to everyone involved – it’s real community spirit.”