10 popular options for your workplace wellbeing room

10 popular options for your workplace wellbeing room

Staff wellbeing is a vital part of the workplace in 2023 with employers understanding the benefits a happy and healthy workforce can bring to a successful business.

Stressed-out workers racing to meet impossible deadlines are not conducive to the required high levels of efficiency and productivity a company is looking for – particularly when this kind of working environment can lead to low staff morale, discontent and an increase in absence through sickness.

The right thing to do

Much better, then, to have employees who actually enjoy turning up for work in an atmosphere that enhances their talents while promoting good health and wellbeing . . . a real win, win all around!

A workplace wellbeing room is the in thing right now! It will ideally be in a quieter location away from the hustle and bustle of the main office and will be decked out in an appropriately soothing colour scheme – creating that tranquil setting for any time-out period. But if you intend to set a room aside in the office to further these objectives, you will need to plan it out and decide what you are going to put in it.

Here are some ideas:

  • Comfortable seating – if you are looking to create a comfortable experience, you will need the seating most best-suited to line up with that. Many people want some alone time in a wellbeing room, so large singular chairs are a popular choice as opposed to a couch.
  • Standing deskwellbeing rooms are being used for more than just breaks. Some offices are looking for a wellbeing room where employees continue to work but are just not at their usual desks, so workspace options can be included, such as a standing desk that faces out of a window at a beautiful view.
  • Lighting – choosing the right lighting is an essential part of any wellbeing room, giving the right calm and relaxing feel at the right time for those ‘Me’ moments.
  • Aromatherapy – aromatherapy essences are often used to create a suitable atmosphere for that chill-time experience.
  • Welcoming and practical tables – most rooms need a table, whether that be for eating lunch, reading a magazine or holding a conversation, and there are plenty of options for furniture that works well in a wellbeing room.
  • Plants – never underestimate the value plants bring to a room. Creating a soothing experience and one which reinforces our need to get back to nature whenever possible.
  • Doubling up – wellbeing comes in many forms, and this important space can double as an exercise area for your yoga, pilates or other needs.
  • Books – A wellbeing room is often a place to refocus and take the stress out of the working day, so what better way to relax than by reading? Having a selection of books and magazines readily available is a great addition – and, of course, you will need some bookcases to go with them.
  • Feel-good blinds – Looking out on a tranquil setting is an obvious advantage to any wellbeing room, but there are times when you need to shut out the elements.   
  • Toys and games – all work makes . . . etc. If reading doesn’t hit the spot, what about loading up on toys and games to help relieve any anxiety? Lego is very popular at the moment, and there are a variety of stress-relief items which can be considered.

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