Furniture in university and college campuses

Furniture in university and college campuses

For those of us of a certain age, colleges and universities conjure up thoughts of rows of desks and chairs packed tightly together in stuffy, verging-on clinical classroom settings, drenched in formality and areas to be avoided at all costs other than to comply with the regimented learning process.

The need to learn is still there, of course, but the settings are quite different.

They are now brighter, airier places with due thought and consideration being given by those in authority to better encourage students while creating a more compatible learning experience.

A better option

Nowhere has this been seen more than in the choice of furniture – whether that is in classrooms, lecture areas, restaurants and cafeterias, communal areas, breakout rooms, student accommodation or ‘chill-out’ areas. Furniture requirements are changing to better meet practical needs and be more suited to what students are looking for.

Another thing that is different today is the importance colleges, and universities are placing on mental health and wellbeing, with many having adopted drop-ins for mental health support and pastoral care. The choice of furniture for these areas is often very different to that chosen for other parts of the campus.

Universities are also carefully selecting chairs, desks and bespoke storage for student accommodation to better reflect the times we are living in and provide a more homely feel for those young people who are almost certainly experiencing life away from their families for the first time.

The right move

This accommodation furniture needs to be hard-wearing and practical but also needs a softer feel where students can feel comfortable in surroundings where they will be spending a lot of their time.

When looking at communal areas and lobby spaces, we are finding that our sofas, seating stools and tables are really hitting the right spot – blending contemporary styling with timeless practicality.

Here at Chrisbeon we are heavily involved with supplying the furniture needs of schools, colleges and universities and offer the ideal solution to meet every demand.

We can help you choose the right colour and item to fit in with what you are looking for while being popular with students.

Ticking all the boxes

Well-designed, attractive and comfortable furniture aimed at assisting the academic mind at one of the most life-defining times for a young person – whether that be height-adjustable chairs and desks, tilted surfaces, different sizes of furniture to meet group and individual needs, tables or storage units. 

Whatever your furniture requirements, Chrisbeon is here to help. Give us a call on 01952 292606 or call in and see us at our showroom on Stafford Park, Telford.