Do you have a home-working budget?

Do you have a home-working budget?

Things have changed significantly in the workplace since Covid. Remote working was something forced upon us all during those difficult times but out of necessity came flexibility and a new approach to the way many employers chose to run their business.

We have talked in previous blogs about how we at Chrisbeon kept going through the pandemic – keeping companies and their workforce operating at peak efficiency through the supply of equipment and stationery to home workers.

A new future

Homes across the world were being transformed to varying degrees into the new workplace and this philosophy has continued since with many businesses and their staff sticking with the policy of remote or hybrid working – to the point where many firms have now introduced an annual working from home budget!

It’s a novel idea but one that is also proving to be immensely practical. Whereas HR would usually have checked in with team members, asking if they needed anything new or expected people to speak up if they needed a new chair, desk, cabinet or whatever, employees are now being given an annual allocated budget to spend on anything which would improve their home working. What a great idea!

Requests can range from a standing desk to a pen pot – any equipment that may be needed to better the home working experience rather than just providing the basics and letting them get on with it.

Improving working standards

Having that budget in place can only improve the conditions for remote and hybrid working, which in turn leads to happier, healthy staff, better morale and an improvement in their general wellbeing and productivity.

It is a win-win situation all around, and what benefits your employees is almost certainly going to have a knock-on positive effect for your business, and that is always good news – particularly during what are really challenging financial times at the moment.

DSE Regulations

Employers have a responsibility to protect workers from health and safety risks from working on a computer or laptop (display screen equipment) at home.

As an employer, you should check to see if the DSE regulations apply to your workers and, where they do apply, have a DSE assessment carried out.

A certified DSE assessor is required to carry out an assessment, and office furniture suppliers – such as ourselves – can supply one.

Helping you thrive and succeed

Whatever changes are taking place in the workplace, the one thing you can always rely on is the constant that Chrisbeon is here to help guide you through it. Something we will have been doing for 50 years come 2024!

Our philosophy and work ethic is the same now as it has always been since 1974, and we are extremely proud of our reputation as a family-run firm totally committed to helping businesses of all sizes thrive and succeed.

So whether you are looking for a move to new premises, a renovation of your existing offices or the supply of the best quality office equipment, supplies and stationery, we are ready, willing and able to meet all your requirements. Get in touch.