The key to maintaining workplace security

The key to maintaining workplace security

Keeping sensitive documents safe and secure in the workplace has always been a top priority for any business, and this has become even more important since the advent of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). 

We know that much of this data and information is now stored within IT systems, but there are still many occasions when paper documents, some equipment and other items, such as personal possessions, need to be locked away securely in the working environment.

We have the answer

The obvious answer to these problems is to install cabinets, cupboards and desks with locks and here at Chrisbeon we have an extensive range to suit every office requirement. Lockable furniture needs keys, of course, and we know just how easy it can be to misplace those!

When allocating keys to staff, it is important to set a few ground rules, which may include:

  • Having a clear-desk policy where staff ensure nothing is left lying around for everyone to see.
  • Employees not bringing anything other than essential personal possessions to work.
  • The sharing of information and data is restricted on a need-to-know basis.
  • Assigning keys specifically to an individual and a record kept.
  • As few master keys as possible are handed out and only to senior management.
  • Keys needing to be allocated to contractors and temporary workers should be handed back at the end of the working day or period of work.

How can we help?

A total of 99% of what we sell has locks and come with two keys. We do provide extra keys for staff if more people need access, but it must be remembered that cupboards, cabinets and drawers need to be locked at all times due to GDPR.

So, for example, if a cupboard containing private data needs to be accessed by four members of the HR department, we will ensure each of those permitted members has a key so that it can be locked all of the time. And if a company orders ten drawer cabinets, we can have the same lock on each one so that all of the keys issued are compatible.

We also provide master keys and override keys, which can be very useful for lockers in workplaces. Each staff member has their key, but there is an additional master key that can override them should the need arise.

It may also be reassuring to know that we provide a spare lock and key service for office furniture – and are not restricted to furniture bought from us. All we need is a key number – most carry a partial number, and that is enough for us to work with. This is yet another way in which Chisbeon can come to your aid!