A growing workforce?

A growing workforce?

Is your business growing? 

Taking on more staff means changes to the financial aspect of your company but also means changes to the office.

Whether it is just rearranging the layout, building an extension or moving to new offices, if you need to think about how to accommodate new staff we are always available for advice.

Network Telecom

And it was a pleasure to work with the team at Network Telecom as they completed a £500,000 office extension, adding 220 square metres to their Hadley Park headquarters.

As with many companies Network Telecom grew steadily, increasing its number of employees and as a result increased their service offering – and in turn grew further.

We were one of a number of Network Telecom customers who became part of the project – and of course supplied the office furniture.

Planning and layout

We visited the site for planning and layout but they were also able to come to our showroom and look at materials, colours and furniture in situ.

With such a large extension there was a lot of furniture to go in – we provided the desks and chairs but also meeting room tables, drawer units, divider screens and wooden multi-coloured staff lockers.

We can advise on what companies need within their offices – like lockers if there is no cloakroom area, tables for printers – or catalogues if you are a firm like ours with product sales – breakout zones if needed.

Local project

It was a great local project to work on and we look forward to working with Network Telecom again in the future!

Becky Homersley, of Network Telecom, said: “Chrisbeon provided our office furniture for our recent office extension and working with them was an absolute pleasure. 

“They were very easy to deal with and provided everything that we required.”

Step by step guide

If you are considering an office move or an extension take a look at our step by step planning guide which is available to download from our website.