A home office that works for you…

A home office that works for you…

My office at home….

Being in isolation during the present crisis has brought about a number of challenges – including working from home and self-educating the children – which require some thought about getting equipment appropriate for the task and deciding where in the home it is all going to take place.

It looks like we will be working from home, and the children are going to be away from school, for quite a while. Juggling needs at this time raises issues you would normally never really have to think about.

Creating the right environment

Having a home office, or space where you keep your laptop, that you normally only use on an odd evening is very different from the current every day working at home situation that many people are now finding themselves in.

It is important that you work in an area that is well lit and that you are not always working from an armchair or sofa where the viewing angle of a laptop would not be correct and your wrists may not be supported.

Desks and chairs

Small desks that were perfect for sorting out the monthly bills and writing out shopping lists may now not be working so well. A desk catering for a computer and all the necessary paperwork needed to fulfil a working day at home may need to be bigger or have more storage.

We got a call this week from a family that was used to working from home – but both parents rarely did it at the same time, meaning they shared a chair.

This had become a problem (let’s face it – there is enough to stress about if you are two full-time workers with two children now at home without adding arguing over a chair into the mix!) so they ordered a new chair to be delivered the next day.

Getting it right

Having the right chair is actually extremely important, particularly if you are going to be spending most of the working day on it. We have an extensive range available to suit every individual requirement, but also those to meet a low budget, from as little as £63.

We can provide orthopaedic and posture enhancing chairs with a range of additional options to either care for any back problems you may be experiencing or to prevent issues from developing.

We also have a range of desks available for home-delivery in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit home office space.


The current situation also means parents and children now have further office and stationery needs. Schoolchildren write in pencil until they get their pen licences, so parents now need a lot of pencils – and a sharpener, while printing out resources for them requires a lot of paper and ink.

All of our stationery equipment and furniture can be ordered via sales@chrisbeon.co.uk or on (01952) 292606 and in most cases delivered the following day, so make sure you have the right office furniture and stationery to help your family through the present crisis.