A sustainable future with businesses taking the lead

A sustainable future with businesses taking the lead

Sustainability and the protection of our environment are more important than ever with greater expectations and demands placed on businesses as they and their employees become more aware of the issues and the need to do something about it!

Protecting our planet is no longer a problem that can be swept under the carpet, kicked down the road for another day or left for future generations to sort out. The problem is here and now and businesses need to be taking a lead – a challenge which a great many are rising to, doing their bit to offset the damage we are all doing.

Think about the future

Sustainability in the workplace is key and businesses are discovering that they can instigate more environmentally-friendly measures which not only evoke greener options but meet the needs of long-term solutions, many of which can be achieved within budgetary constraints. Some of these measures include:

  • Doing away with the need for single-use plastic.
  • Going paperless – can be achieved by switching to digital options or making more use of recycled paper and cardboard.
  • Buying recycled furniture and recycling your old furniture.
  • Making better use of natural lighting, going for environmentally-friendly lighting options and educating staff to switch off lights and other powered devices, which will not only reduce energy usage but cut bills as well.
  • Bringing plants into the office, helping to filter the air by removing a variety of toxic and harmful chemicals from the environment.

In more detail…

Here at Chrisbeon we are committed to and actively encourage environmentally-friendly thinking and are proud of the fact that we are leading by example. We are achieving this by:

  • Operating a trade-in facility on existing office furniture which offsets the cost and helps businesses to meet their green obligations.
  • Providing a recycled range of compatible ink cartridges and toners.
  • Recycling all of our cardboard waste during our furniture installations.
  • Essentially moving our printed catalogues online. Where requested, our printed catalogues are still available but printed on recycled paper.
  • Identifying any recycled items and those products which can be recycled clearly in our catalogue.
  • Stocking the majority of our comprehensive range of furniture by using manufacturers based in the UK – reducing the carbon footprint while supporting British jobs and businesses.

The right way forward

We all have an individual responsibility to change the way we live and work for the benefit of our environment and more and more businesses have recognised the problem and are taking the initiative.

Changes can and must be made, there are options available and put plainly, it’s the right thing to do!