What can you be doing to recruit top talent and retain staff?

What can you be doing to recruit top talent and retain staff?

All companies strive to be successful and an integral part of this success is their staff. Recruitment is an important process in attracting and retaining top talent but it’s a two-way street and employees also have a big say in where they end up working.

The chance for advancement, good pay, feeling valued and working for a successful company are all factors high on any prospective employee’s wish list but another, which often slips under the employer’s radar, is the office environment and culture – posing the question: Will I be happy there?

Hang on to your assets

Having gone to the trouble of finding the right candidate and deciding to get them on board, it follows that you will want to do your best to keep them! Happy staff are not only proven to be more productive but are also more likely to stay – and the working environment will play a major role in achieving this.

Your offices are also the face of your company and if you are welcoming clients, potential new customers and developing business, you may well rise or fall on the image and impressions your surroundings create.

The right look

So just what should companies be looking for in creating an office environment which will not only be welcoming for staff and keep morale high but also provide them with the essentials they need to carry out their job efficiently while deterring any thoughts of moving elsewhere?

The workplace needs to be a place of:

  • Inspiration
  • Creativity
  • Interaction
  • Productivity

Millennials are known to favour modern office designs but this general trend is mirrored by many older employees who find functional, well-lit and pleasantly designed workspaces more conducive to good morale and efficiency.

The workplace is very important but there are other areas that require equal consideration in terms of furnishings and decor, including canteens, break-out spaces, reception areas and conference rooms – important areas which offer comfort, support and are pleasing to the eye.

Health and wellbeing

Simple moves like having plants in the office or putting the photocopier further away to encourage walking during the working day can have an effect on the health and wellbeing of staff.

But there are more options for employers when it comes to the furniture – from bespoke fixtures and fittings to ensure comfort and productivity in the right lighting at the right height to sit-stand desks for health and regular tech time outs.

Keeping it fun

Some companies even make provisions for recreational facilities like a games room, ball pit, table football, pool, table tennis and gaming consoles, while furniture needs throughout the business include traditional, and not so traditional, desk and chairs, soft furnishings and even bean bag chairs.

Whatever you opt for, Chrisbeon can help you meet your requirements and if you are unsure about what you need or how it would look within your office environment, why not make use of our 3D Computer Aided Design service – your way to judge in advance if your plans will fit the needs of your staff and the space you have available.