Computer Operator Chairs in your workplace

Computer Operator Chairs in your workplace

If you are reading this at work or at your computer it is highly likely you are sitting in a chair….

Although standing desks and stools are a popular choice, the computer operator chair remains one of the most bought office items.

We thought we would take a closer look at the humble (or maybe now not so humble) office chair.

What is an operator office chair?

Typically these types of chairs are fully-adjustable swivel chairs with or without arms which comply with the standard Health & Safety requirements for a business – seat height adjustment, back height and back angle adjustment.

There are other optional extras available on certain models, such as pump-up lumbar supports, seat angle adjustment, seat depth adjustment, folding arms and more.

Which is the best chair for working long hours?

A good quality chair is one which comes with three to five years of warranty and has a number of adjustments that can help the user get comfortable.

There are 24-hour rated chairs available and these may include headrests for extra comfort, or memory foam seats – when three shifts of different people regularly sit on the same chair it needs lots of adjustments to suit each user.

Which chairs are best for working from home?

This tends to be down to style and practical issues as homeworkers very often require swivel chairs that fit in with their home office.

This could mean a specific fabric colour or leather to suit their décor, it could be a mesh design rather than fabric to keep them cool if the home office gets the sun or is a warmer room of the home, it may have white components on the chair instead of black so that it can be kept clean more easily or it could be a slightly smaller swivel chair than a typical business swivel chair if space is at a premium.

What is the difference between a gaming chair and an office chair?

Gaming chairs are typically based on a car racing seat design and are normally in faux or real leather rather than fabric – it’s all about the look so very often they will be bright colours or a two-tone design to appeal to a younger market.

Gaming chairs tend to be less adjustable than a typical business office chair but are very often only sat in for a few hours per night rather than all day in a normal office environment.


If you have questions about the right chair for you – or for your workforce – or would like to see the different types of chairs or even try them out, please do come and visit us in our Stafford Park showroom where we have more than 50 different swivel chairs on display.

And we thought we would finish on a fun fact…

Charles Darwin is the earliest known adopter of a prototype-office chair, grafting wheels onto a normal chair in the 1840s so he could swivel between specimens.