Creating the perfect office – in awkward spaces

Creating the perfect office – in awkward spaces

Not every office space is a modern one – and not every area is square and easily accessible.

We have been delivering furniture to the historic Shrewsbury Flaxmill site for the first time, as it is transformed into new office space for businesses and the local community.

But kitting out historic or unusual buildings as office space can be a difficult job – which is where our 3D CAD planning system comes in.

Computer-Aided Design Planning (CAD)

CAD allows an office to be designed on-screen and gives a detailed 3D insight into how an office environment can look with new furniture – meaning businesses can iron out any potential problems in the planning stage before pressing ahead with a refurbishment or installation.

Historic buildings and awkward spaces are often the ‘quirky’ offices people are looking for – but they must be well planned out in advance.

It may be that the furniture an organisation wants will not fit with the layout or space but with early planning alternative options can be tried to ensure that everyone is happy with the final outcome.

Bespoke Furniture

One of the options we can offer is a bespoke service for made-to-measure furniture. Whether at home or in the workplace we can create bespoke desks that are made to measure around radiators or pillars or anything that means the traditional desk shape is not an option.

This service can also work very well for small spaces where a number of pieces of furniture are needed, but the area is too small for ‘off-the-shelf’ items.

Shrewsbury Flaxmill

Known as the Grandparent of skyscrapers Shrewsbury’s historic Flaxmill has been repurposed and adapted many times.

And we are proud to be working with Historic England as the site evolves into a new workspace and community hub.

The Main Mill opened in 1797 as a purpose-built flax mill and since then the site has grown and changed. It was a maltings from 1897 to 1987, but also served as a temporary army barracks during the Second World War.

The focus of the current restoration is the Main Mill and Kiln and they are set to open this year to welcome people to eat, learn, visit, work and enjoy the listed buildings dating back to more than 200 years ago.

New tenants and new offices

We work with so many Shropshire businesses and working in such a fantastic building with such wonderful local history has been a real experience for the whole team.

As more tenants look to take on the offices we are ready to help those companies and organisations plan their space – designing around the iconic but sometimes awkward layout and the building’s pillars to create fantastic office space.

Hopefully, our visit will be the first of many deliveries we will make into the building over the next few years.