The rise of the resimercial trend

The rise of the resimercial trend

Many people’s offices are now based at home – but those who are in the office are getting to experience a ‘home from home’ feel as the resimercial trend increases in popularity.

Resimercial describes a mix of residential and commercial – mixing residential design elements into commercial spaces…

Think plants, sofas, artwork, ambient lighting.

Resimercial trend

Resimercial is not a new term and has been on the increase since 2018 – with a huge jump following the events of 2020/2021, and as it continues to gain momentum more and more offices across the UK are recognising the potential benefits.

In a world where employee wellbeing has become the number one priority for many businesses and organisations, resimercial is a common way to improve comfort and reduce stress, as well as increase productivity.

COVID-19 impact

We worked with a business that had 100 desks in rows within the office prior to the COVID19 lockdowns, but they decided to have a facelift.

They let staff work at home if they wanted to permanently but needed a more attractive, more comfortable collaboration/meeting space for when they did want to come into the office to work or have meetings

Sofas and booths

In order to make it a more attractive and comfortable place to work they came to us and part-exchanged 70 desks, instead bringing in sofas and booths. 

We fitted optional power sockets and USB ports on the furniture, allowing employees to work from comfortable spaces with access to the power they need – as they may have done at home in 2020.

Furniture colours and fabrics

Here at Chrisbeon we have also seen other industries ‘soften’ their office look, with wooden furniture legs rather than metal legs and changing fabrics to be more comfortable or more colourful. 

We can bring in new furniture to adapt a look or layout – or even recover existing chairs for those looking to make a colour change.

We have also seen a huge change in fabrics – in the past businesses, especially large businesses with many employees, would order Royal Blue or Black chairs across the board. In 2022 colour is thought about a lot more. 

Productivity and staff retention

We fitted an office in Hadley, Telford, where there were four desks and chairs in an office and all four were different colours to suit the person sitting on, and at, them.

Some early adopters immediately made changes to their offices following the lockdown, but many businesses are just realising that resimercial is an option that can improve productivity and staff retention. 

Get in touch

We continue to work with many managers to plan out how they can make changes and what would be best for their site and their industry.

If you believe changing or adapting your office space will benefit your employees, and your business, do get in touch with us to chat through the options.