Creating the right working space for employees…

Creating the right working space for employees…

Whether employees are now back in the office or continue to work from home, the furniture and supplies around them are extremely important – affecting both comfort and health as well as productivity.

But furniture is designed to meet the needs of the workplace and employees, so choosing the right office furniture for you will mean you tick all the boxes.

Office layouts

We use CAD planning to plan out the office space for our clients – but it is not only to ensure the furniture fits in the space, it is also to increase productivity and meet the needs of the workforce.

Something as simple as having a printer table large enough for not only the printer but for employees to lay out the paperwork and staple booklets together can make a huge difference.

Ensuring that cables from IT equipment are stored away in cable management compartments that come as part of their desks rather than having them laying across the floor is a health and safety issue.

What furniture should we have in the boardroom?

When it comes to planning out your boardroom you need to think about what it is to be used for.

Many boardrooms now have a screen that those at the meeting are required to view, and in that case, it is important to have a table set-up that ensures everyone can see the screen. This is done with pear-shaped tables.

It is also the case that many board meetings now see each person bringing their own laptop or iPad – which means having access to electrical points in the middle of the boardroom table, and good cable management, is important. Having wires leading from computers across the room to wall sockets is not practical and not safe.

If your boardroom is used for training, where delegates are required to sit for lengthy periods of time it is important to think about the type of chairs you will have – bearing in mind comfort as well as the style.

Does the light in my office affect how I work?

Lighting in your workspace can be very important – especially if you are working from home. A balanced and stable biological clock leads to a balanced mood, a better sleep cycle, improved memory and enhanced productivity – and good lighting is an essential ingredient.

Among the lighting solutions on offer are computer desk lamps that allow optimal diffusion of light into your working space, eye-friendly LED lighting, flexible arms and elliptical heads.

Desk lamps can offer differing light intensities and colour as well as featuring a dimmer switch and you can have uplighter and downlighters, allowing you to cast light where you need it.

COVID-safe offices

Hygiene and safety have never been more important and in terms of office supplies, many new items are now available to ensure your office is COVID-safe.

Laminated signs in corridors, offices, meeting rooms and break-out areas help your employees keep to social-distancing guidelines and can be easily wiped clean and disinfected – and auto-feed laminators allow you to just place the documents in and walk away.

Automatic staplers prevent numerous employees from having to come into contact with small office equipment.

There is also a new product range of staplers, hole-punches and desktop accessories available now that use a ‘Germ-Savvy’ antimicrobial agent to improve hygiene.

The antimicrobial agent is added to the external plastic parts during manufacture and provides protection for the lifetime of each product.

  1. Kills 99% of bacteria
  2. Permanently reduces the risk of infection from plastic parts
  3. Improves hygiene levels in the school, office and home
  4. Certified by SGS to ISO standards

Talk to us

There are so many options and so many solutions, we know it can be difficult for employers and office managers to know the right options.

This is why our team here at Chrisbeon can help plan your office from start to finish – we have decades of experience and are more than happy to share it.

Please do get in touch with us if there is anything that we can help you with.