Do people still use mouse mats?

Do people still use mouse mats?

Have you noticed anything missing from your desk?

Something that was always there, perhaps with a cute photo of your child, your dog, your favourite holiday, printed on it but now, it’s vanished without you really noticing.

Mouse pads? Anyone?

It seems these handy, smooth yet squishy rectangles made to control your mouse more easily have fallen out of fashion.

But should you still use a mouse pad?

The answer is yes!

It used to be, way back in the day when your computer mouse was driven by a little ball inside it, that everyone had a mousemat. It was part of the whole computer set-up but slowly they have disappeared from the home and the office as mouse technology has improved.

But here at Chrisbeon we still sell a lot of them because they are vital for an optimum performing computer mouse. And they look smart too.

A mouse pad allows the computer mouse to work far more smoothly and without jittering compared to using a mouse directly on a table or desk…even with the latest technology.

Mouse pads also help protect your desk. The repeated motions of the rubber or plastic underneath your mouse will wear away the finish on your desk over time and you will rue the day you got rid of your mouse mat. It’s much cheaper to replace a mouse pad than to replace your desk surface.

Without a mouse mat, dirt and oil from your desk will also be transferred to the feet of your mouse as it moves over the surface. A mouse pad will keep the feet fresh for longer.

We would also recommend using a mouse pad for playing games as it is better for those actions requiring fast movement and for performing big, sweeping motions.

Some gamers will even use speciality mouse pads, which cover a whole desktop, and we can source those for you too at Chrisbeon.

It’s better with a mouse pad!

Yes, your new high-spec computer mouse will generally work fine without a mouse pad but it’s still better for your desk and the mouse’s overall performance to have a mouse pad.

Which is why we stock a wide range at Chrisbeon from our microfibre mouse pad to others with matching coasters…another essential item for protecting your desk! The microfibre mouse pad also handily acts as a screen cleaning cloth.

We can personalise mouse pads with your company logo and they make a great gift to brighten up any home-working computer area.

Do get in touch with us if you would like to know more……