Elevate your business with visitor and conference seating solutions

Elevate your business with visitor and conference seating solutions

A chair is a chair . . . right? So why spend time thinking too much about what you are going to sit on?

Well, actually, there is so much more involved in chair selection than you might imagine at first glance. There are a number of things to consider when it comes to visitor and conference seating in order to make the right choice for your needs and those of all the people who will be paying you a visit.

Visitor and Conference Seating

Take visitor and conference seating for example. It’s vitally important that the right seating goes a long way to not only make your team, guests or clients comfortable, but will also make them more amenable to what they are actually there for and the time they will spend doing it!

But don’t just take our word for it. You will probably be surprised to learn that we had 105 visits to the visitor and conference seating page on our website in a recent 28-day period. These figures are not unusual and underlines the interest that is there – particularly when one considers that the page basically only displays photographs of chairs. To take a deeper dive into visitor and conference seating take a look at the online Chrisbeon store here.

Deep-seated questions

When talking to people about their seating requirements, we are always keen to glean as much information as possible – details that will help them come to a satisfactory conclusion about what suits their needs best, including:

    • Type of frame or leg style – Does your chair need to be cantilever, four-legged, swivel base and do you want it on glides or castors?
    • CoveringsThere is a wide choice available, including a range of fabrics, faux leather and real leather in colours to suit your decor. They can also come in hard plastic or wipeable vinyl, making them suitable for environments such as factories or medical practices.
    • Stacking chairsAn important consideration if chairs need to be stored away between use.
    • Period of useWill the chairs be used for a 30-minute meeting or for periods of several hours? Comfort clearly becomes a greater priority for longer meetings, shows or presentations.
    • Do you want chairs with arms or armless?

Not so clear-cut

So mulling over what chair you want is extremely important and well worth the time spent on it. In addition to what we have discussed so far,  you may also be interested to know that we provide different weight loadings depending on a person’s size and weight.

We also supply a one to 15-year warranty on frames, depending on the amount of use and the environment they are going into. Then there is the environmental consideration with many customers now wanting things like eco plastics and fabrics and FSC wooden components.

Advice and options

Whatever type of chair you are looking for, we are happy to advise and talk you through the options – allowing you to consider all the facts before making the choice that is right for you. Get in touch.