From home offices to large company project work

From home offices to large company project work

Are things finally getting back to somewhere near pre-pandemic conditions in the workplace? Judging by the general change we have seen in businesses placing a greater emphasis on office working, we would say yes!

Covid is still with us, of course, but it is something we are learning to live with, and the unprecedented circumstances of remote working, which we were all involved in during three lockdowns, are now, it seems, being re-evaluated.

It’s been a bumpy ride

The office furniture world has been on a bit of a rollercoaster ride since the announcement that offices would close and workers would work from home in March 2020, but the end of 2022 has seen many providers return to us with project work.

While many people are still working remotely and will continue to do so in the best interests of staff and business, many others have returned to the office, and firms are taking the opportunity to use this as an occasion to press the reset button and enhance their working environment.

Over recent months we have seen a significant increase in project work involving:

  • Helping businesses to move premises
  • Visiting clients, measuring up and talking through options
  • Clients visiting our showroom, viewing our extensive range of products and liaising with our knowledgeable staff on what would best suit their needs
  • More timescale-led work, which sees us taking part in workplace projects from start to finish and consulting on the full project
  • Extensive use of our amazing CAD planning service, which allows us to plan out office space in 3D for clients to see what the space will look like in advance.

Chrisbeon has always been able to adapt to the times, trends and demands of an ever-changing office furniture world – which is why we have remained so successful over so many years as a recognised leader within our industry.

With you for the journey

It’s not just about selling top-quality products, which is obviously extremely important; it’s also about the complete journey with a client from beginning to end. We provide a full consultative service to benefit our client’s requirements, provide the products and then deliver and fit them.

Our vast experience means we are ideally placed to offer the best advice and work with businesses to ensure they make the most of their office space and equipment if they are looking at a revamp or move to new premises.

We carried out a lot of work during and after Covid on supplying office furniture for staff working from home and still do so, but the trend towards staff returning to the office and greater emphasis being placed on the working environment has significantly grown over the course of this year.

The one thing that never changes, however, is that Chrisbeon is here to meet your office furniture needs – whatever they happen to be!