Saving on energy and costs in the office….

Saving on energy and costs in the office….

Big Energy Savings Week has just come to an end and to mark it we are highlighting some of the energy-saving items we have available to help you keep those bills at a manageable level – while also aiding the world we live in.  

The week is a national campaign aimed at raising general, family and financial awareness of how much energy we use, how much we actually need and what it costs us and the environment in the process.

Last week was the seventh Big Energy Saving Week and focused on all sorts of things like the benefits of switching energy supplier to get a better deal and making homes and offices more energy efficient.

But did you know if firms invested in simple energy efficient measures and were able to better monitor usage they could save up to 15% on energy bills?

Some simple general steps we can take include ensuring electrical items are not left on standby continuously and switching off monitors, printers, computers, microwaves, kettles drinks and food machines when they are not needed.

The same applies to heating, air conditioning and lighting in the office. It really is quite amazing what a difference it makes if they are turned down or off when there is no one in the building.

At Chrisbeon we are doing our bit to help you make the right decisions when it comes to office equipment and are proud of our extensive range of energy saving items which provide options that are kinder on the pocket and the environment.

Here are some things you may be interested in: We can provide cost-effective shredders complete with energy saving systems that will power down after two minutes of activity and also reduces in-use energy consumption.

Our bulbs and lights range is extensive, with all our bulbs being accompanied by an easy to follow guide on choosing the correct one. Eco bulbs make tremendous savings by having a life-expectancy of about twice the length of an incandescent bulb.

The longer life bulbs come with a very high-efficiency rating and incur lower maintenance costs.

Strip lighting, POD+, desk lamps, uplighter and magnifier lamps are all extremely popular products with customers. The Flexi, Hobby, Swing Arm and Poise desk lamps are all rated in terms of energy efficiency for the convenience of customers and the bulbs for these particular items have a life of about 2,000 hours.

It is also worth mentioning office laminators. Not only do we provide slim, stylish and reliable models, but they are ready to start working in about 60 seconds of switch-on, have a low-energy consumption and shut off after 30 minutes being idle.

Big Energy Savings Week is a timely reminder about things we use in the office on a daily basis and the need to become more conscious about their use and how we can cut back on cost while becoming just a little greener. At any rate, it seems the ideal place to start!