Smart Furniture is here – along with Smart Fabrics!

Smart Furniture is here – along with Smart Fabrics!

Furniture with Smart functions may sound futuristic and like something from the realms of science fiction – but we now have many everyday items incorporating hi-tech features which can be easily operated via an app, voice control or the lightest of touches!

We already have a range of Smart Furniture options complete with Bluetooth, speakers, USB ports and charging points – as well as sound-blocking video conference units, electric sit-stand height-adjustable desks and of course the stapler that staples by itself!

All very interesting and extremely useful but the thing we want to focus on here is Smart Fabrics – something we work with a lot here at Chrisbeon, fabrics which are keeping our customers, their staff and the general public safe thanks to a very special layer of antibacterial protection.

What are Smart Fabrics?

People may not think too much about the furniture fabrics they buy other than to ensure that it fits in with their office environment, branding and personal taste, but Smart Fabrics should be a serious consideration – specific fabrics which incorporate different properties which help combat:

  • Covid
  • MRSA
  • Norovirus
  • Bacteria
  • Other viruses
  • Fungi
  • Parasites

This has long been important for medical and educational organisations but has taken on increased significance in recent times for other sectors where there is interaction between staff or customer-facing businesses such as the hospitality industry.

Restricting the spread of infection has never been more important and we must do everything we can to minimise the risk of infection. Antibacterial seating solutions, or Smart Fabrics, are one excellent way of achieving this.

Smart Fabrics are treated with nanotechnology-based protection which helps safeguard against a broad spectrum of transmissible dangers. Antimicrobial protection is applied during manufacture – a tried and tested process which creates an invisible protective barrier that kills viruses and bacteria on contact.

In some instances, this protective layer will remain effective during the life of the fabric while in other cases a further light spray may be needed to provide 90-day protection.

The best in protection

There is a range of specially designed fabrics available to cover all types of seating – all of which provide effective protection in the long-term to fend off bacteria and microorganisms. They are top quality, high performance, durable and hard-wearing coverings – long-lasting safeguards against the risk of infection.

Antibacterial protection needs to be on everyone’s mind in today’s world and giving due consideration to the fabrics you use, whether that be in the workplace or at a venue where visitors are met or entertained, is very much the Smart thing to do!

To find out more about Smart Fabrics and how we can help you meet your requirements, call us on 01952 292606 or email