Paperwork and Storage – the way forward

Paperwork and Storage – the way forward

Paperwork is an unavoidable part of running a business, but a well-organised system, and well-planned storage can save you a lot of time and hassle.


UK businesses have to store most of their financial records for at least six years, which can mount up to a lot of paperwork.


And HMRC requires you to store non-VAT tax documents in their original format, for example, interest certificates or dividend vouchers. That means that if you received a paper dividend voucher, you’ll need to keep a paper copy as well as any digital backup you may have.


We get a lot of enquiries about storage boxes around April due to the end of the tax year, but we also work with clients who need storage boxes all year round.


We supply a variety of storage options and our boxes range from 100% recycled, fast-fold, ergo handles, plastic and more – dependent on what you need within your office.


We can chat with customers about what they are planning to file and store, how often the records are accessed – as this can make a big difference to the storage box you choose – and whether they move the boxes regularly or have space issues.


One of our clients has a number of journalists using pads to record interviews and case studies and these pads are kept for reference or to deal with claims issued, or belatedly pursued, many years in the future.


In many roles, employees make notes that need to be kept for reference or other reasons and storage boxes are needed to ensure they do not end up filling draws or being piled on desks.


To find out more about storage boxes and our range of filing options, why not visit us our Telford showroom on Stafford Park 4 today or call us on 01952 292606.


We’re here to help you wade through a paperwork headache!