Suitable office chairs for pregnant women

Suitable office chairs for pregnant women

The majority of women need to stay at work for as long as possible before giving birth, meaning those spending their days in an office environment need to use the chair best suited to their health and comfort.  

With the average office worker spending anything up to eight hours a day sitting at their desk, seating is clearly one of the most important aids to a productive day – something that is particularly vital if you also happen to be pregnant!

What to consider

While searching for the right chair, it is important to keep in mind some basic advice for pregnant women – so if you are sitting comfortably, then we’ll begin! 

  • Go for a sturdy chair providing lumbar support  
  • Choose a chair with soft armrests which will allow your shoulders to relax
  • Ensure you position yourself so your body weight is evenly distributed on both hips
  • Keep your knees slightly lower than your hips
  • Place your feet flat on the floor
  • Try to sit at your workstation for no more than 30 minutes at a time
  • Position yourself close to your workspace
  • Do not sit with your legs crossed

For more comprehensive advice, it is worth checking out the GovUK Health and Safety page focusing on pregnant women in the workplace.

What makes the ideal chair? 

Good lumbar support is critical for pregnant women, and we have already identified the need to keep feet flat. A footrest may be necessary to achieve this.

Ergonomic features like seat height and reclining functions, along with adjustable lumbar support, are available – features that provide tailored support to enhance productivity and comfort at work during pregnancy. Good options include:

  • Pump-up or adjustable lumbar support
  • Tilting seat/seat angle adjustment
  • Memory foam seat (as an optional extra)
  • Seat depth adjustable
  • Seat and back angle adjustment
  • Height adjustable
  • Multi-functional arms, which are angle, height and width adjustable

Chrisbeon always recommends purchasing a quality chair with as many independent features as possible. That way, as the pregnancy progresses, different adjustments may be used at different stages to provide greater user comfort.

Whatever your requirements, Chrisbeon can deliver the chair you want, such as our extra high back fabric task chair or something from our fully adjustable range – our chairs also come in a range of fabrics.

We always recommend taking the time to visit our Telford showroom, where you can see what chairs we have available and try them out. It’s the ideal opportunity to ensure you get exactly what you want in the search for your perfect chair.