Top stationery items for home and office…

Top stationery items for home and office…

Clearly, we love all things stationery….and we know most of our customers do too!

The aim of the annual National Stationery Week is to celebrate writing by hand and get people to share details of their favourite stationery products.

So we thought we would share some of our popular stationery items with you…

What are the most popular stationery items?

Copy paper – an obvious essential for any printing to get done

Ballpoint pens – these write so beautifully that it’s not surprising they are people’s first choice of pen

Spiral notebooks – the feeling when you open a brand new notebook should have its own word….something meaning the possibilities waiting there, the cleanliness, the crispness of the paper.

Lanyards – and if you’re looking for these, we sell them here.

Wooden pencils – a simple classic. Nobody can live without a pencil.

What are the most important stationery items?

Calendars – the most important stationery item on everyone’s list is a calendar. …it’s the key to organisation!

Pens, pen holders – it’s always useful to have a good selection of pens around as we all know they have a habit of going for a walk!

Sticky notes – ooh who doesn’t love a good display covered in pink, yellow and white notes?

Whiteboards, markers, and erasers – the perfect office set-up for all-important planning.

Highlighters – another great planning tool and an age-old favourite.


Top five working from home items

Clever pen pots – one of our pen pots has a holder for your phone and even amplifies music – they were very popular in a time of lockdown when many employees did not have landline phones at their computer setting.

Mouse Mat – for those working from home on tables or different surfaces mouse mats come in handy to protect those surfaces!

Office chair – not stationery but in terms of working from home, it is important to make sure you have a proper chair, which supports your back, not just an old dining room chair.

Weekly planner – organisation is important whether in the office or at home and there are some great planner choices for the home office.

Erasers, pencils, and sharpeners – anyone who had to home school knows these are crucial…and the more the better as they seem to be affected by the stationery eating monster too!

We have a stationery display in our showroom and we’d love to chat to you about what we have available in-store from Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm or have a look at our website.