What’s in store for the offices of 2020?

What’s in store for the offices of 2020?

We have seen office trends change hugely over the past five years and as we enter a new decade we sat down with the team to chat through what 2020 will have in store….

Everyone has seen how offices have changed over the years – the move from cubicles to open plan, from browns and greys to colour, but when you work in office supplies you have to look at why the changes have come about – and work out what is coming next!

A visual world

Craig brought up the great point that offices are in line with changes in wider society – we live in a more visual world as a whole with pubs and restaurants pulling out all the stops to be more attractive to potential clientele and offer the latest in trends, from dining at the bar as the chefs cook in front of you to cinemas to keep the children entertained!

Employers are looking to attract great employees and are taking the same route – making their workplace more attractive and offering break-out huts, ping pong tables and beanbags – the latest trends.

Retention of staff

Richard spoke of experiences with clients who are looking to retain great staff by providing them with an environment that is as good as any bigger offices that they may move on to – especially when moving from the Shropshire area into larger cities.

But he made the point that many employers feel this may be too costly, when actually this may not be the case.

“Improving the look and feel of an office does not have to break the bank, sometimes it can be a simple colour change or the addition of a water cooler or a coffee machine.”

Health and wellbeing

Ryan’s experience with clients showed that employers are looking to provide a workplace for staff that meets their health and wellbeing needs – from the rise in sit/stand desks to having the printer further away from workstations to encourage walking.

The aims and ideas of employers – and employees – have changed, and as a result the plans for the environment they work in change.

  • Happy staff means productive staff
  • Healthy staff means less sickness absence
  • Comfortable staff means lower staff turnover

There is often a lot of choice for those coming into the working world, and if wages are on a similar level their choice will be made by the setting they will be working in – so as well as meeting the needs of existing staff employers can also attract new staff with a layout (or a coffee machine!).

Our discussions found that everyone expects there to be a rise in complete new office furniture and layouts, rather than employers just replacing one desk or chair. Colours will be more prominent in offices and more thought will be put into the placing of furniture and what type of desk or chair is chosen.

For us as designers and suppliers 2020 is set to be an exciting and interesting year….