Creating an office with employees in mind

Creating an office with employees in mind

It can be hard to maintain productivity levels at work, no matter your occupation.

And it can be especially difficult to stay productive when it’s a rainy Monday morning and you’d rather be at home.

However, recent years have seen a rise in employee motivation and productivity levels, and much of it is thanks to ‘alternative’ office designs.

According to Forbes, ensuring that there is a quality working environment for employees is essential for productivity levels – especially as the average person spends over 90,000 hours of their life at work.

So why not make those 90,000 hours an enjoyable, productive experience?

Alternative office designs

When you imagine what an alternative office design would look like, you may be thinking of something similar to the Google offices – with the main features including nap rooms, slides instead of stairs, and ping pong tables.

Whilst you may laugh at the idea, numerous companies are opting to create office spaces after thinking outside the box and are reaping the benefits.

AND we’re proud to be helping them do so.

Why have an alternative office?

There are plenty of benefits to having an alternative workspace, but first and foremost it makes your employees happy. Having a happy workplace is likely to reduce negative attitudes associated with going to work, alongside making work a place that your employees will look forward to going to.

We work with businesses to provide office spaces that consider the individuality of each and every employee, moving past the ideology that ‘one size fits all’.

From producing a prayer room for a business with a large proportion of religious employees to creating a tranquil yoga space where team members can effectively develop skills to combat daily stress, we are currently working on plans that include adapting the workspace so employees are able to spend their time in an environment that encourages them to be as productive as possible.

And as well as being productive, adapting offices can look to increase relaxation for employees – creating a space for yoga can increase relaxation and relieve stress!

With productivity levels in offices in the UK suffering from the worst decline in five years, now is the time to change.

If your business is looking to create an alternative office space with employees in mind, contact us on or call 01952 292606.