A leading Shropshire office furniture supplier has been appointed a stockist for a range of electric height adjustable standing desks as part of a drive to promote physical movement in the workplace.

Chrisbeon, of Stafford Park, Telford, is now stocking two different ranges of entry level and executive electric sit/stand desks to introduce health benefits in offices where currently only one percent of UK workers have the choice of sit-stand workstations.

“Britain lags far behind Europe where 90% of the office workers in Scandinavia now have access to sit-stand desks,” said Richard Hughes, a Chrisbeon partner.

“A new study recommends that employers look at how to give their staff breaks to allow them to stand and move around as well as having workplaces designed to allow people to work more easily either at their desk or other parts of the office while standing up.

“Another piece of research shows that British people sit on average for 8.9 hours each day and 70% of sitting time is at work.  Research now provides compelling evidence that prolonged sitting has major health impacts such as heart disease, diabetes, obesity, certain cancers, depression and muscle and joint problems.”

He said it was recommended that office workers should spend at least two hours a day standing and light walking during working hours to curb the health risks of too much time sitting down.

Chrisbeon, said Richard, had a manual adjustable range which converted an existing standard desk into a standing desk in only three seconds and will assist employers with a demonstration of the height adjustment process of the different desk options  in their Stafford Park showroom.

He added:  “Thomas Jefferson, third President of the United States, novelist Virginia Wool, former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill and Leonardo Da Vinci all worked using a standing desk.”

For a demonstration he invites employers to pop into their Chrisbeon Telford showroom or contact them on 01952 292606 or email