Reducing, and preventing, lower back pain

Reducing, and preventing, lower back pain

Working from home these last 12 months has been hard on so many people – for many different reasons.

One impact of the lockdown last March and the swift shift to home-working has been how working from the kitchen table or sofa has affected workers physically.

If you’ve been working from home and have noticed a lingering lower back pain this could be due to a combination of an inappropriate working environment and poor posture – and with remote working likely to continue it’s important that you do not ignore it.

What can you do to improve your lower back pain?

There are a number of things that you can do to help prevent lower back pain, from making changes to your posture to investing in specifically designed furniture. Here are some of our tips…

Make sure you’re looking at your screen with a straight neck.

Try not to look down at your laptop, computer or phone screen as this encourages bad posture which can cause neck and back pain. Try putting a pile of books underneath your screen so that you can bring it to eye height or – if you’re aiming for a more professional look – you can buy yourself a laptop stand or height adjustable desk. You could consider monitor arms – the least expensive option. We stock new ones and have received quite a few pre-loved ones recently, which have proved really popular.

Take regular breaks

You didn’t stay glued to your seat for your entire working day in the office so why should working from home be any different? Ensure that you’re getting up out of your chair and having a good stretch every now and then. It’s a perfect excuse for making a cup of coffee or a quick snack.

Perfect your posture and make sure you stretch!

We’re all guilty of hunching over whenever we’re writing a long email or leaning to the side to avoid the sunshine coming in through a nearby window, but maintaining a good posture, such as sitting upright, is key to combating back and shoulder pain.

For example, when you’re sat down try putting your bottom as far back in the chair as possible. You can also introduce regular stretching into your daily working routine.

Invest in a ‘proper’ chair

And no, the chair at your kitchen table doesn’t count as a ‘proper’ chair! If you’re really struggling with your lower back pain it may be worthwhile investing in an ergonomic or orthopaedic chair. These are specifically designed to support your body whilst sitting for long periods of time – like when you’re working!

If you are looking to make your working environment more comfortable or want to reduce the potential for problems with back, neck and shoulders amongst a workforce now working from home, please call into our Telford Showroom.

We would love to see you and chat through the options. You can’t beat personal face-to-face contact and it really is the best way to see and try out this all-important equipment before you buy. We are also happy to talk about your requirements over the phone, so please do give us a call on 01952 292606.