Shropshire charity gets 3D look at new office…

Shropshire charity gets 3D look at new office…

When you are planning your office space you have to think about your needs, the needs of employees, the space you have, the furniture you want – and it may be that not everything on your list fits together.

3D Plans

That’s why we produce 3D plans which give a realistic look and feel for customers on exactly how their office or offices will look before they make a decision on what to buy.

Seeing it all in situ is of great benefit in determining whether what you are buying is right for the space.

Climbing Out

When Kelda Wood came to us to help plan and design the new office space for her charity Climbing Out it was our 3D computer-aided design system that we turned to.

We are able to 3D plan small home offices just as easily as full office blocks and we were able to show Kelda these plans before she made the order.

3D view of proposed office layout

Kelda launched the Climbing Out charity nearly 10 years ago, providing trips and experiences for young people that help to build confidence and self-esteem following life-changing injury, illness or trauma.

As a company we have been great supporters for a long time, culminating last year as headline sponsors of her solo transatlantic voyage, the first solo adaptive rower to cross the vast Atlantic in a 3,000-mile challenge. So when Kelda said she was having a new Climbing Out office, we were delighted to be able to help out by planning the space for her and donating new office furniture.


Taking a look at the showroom

Kelda came to our Shrewsbury showroom first to view all the different desk and colour options before committing to what she wanted. We then measured the space and produced another 3D plan before she committed herself.

And the feedback has been great – Kelda said she loves her new office space!

The final office with furniture in place

“I can’t properly explain the difference this is going to make,” she said.

“To have space and a place for everything, as well as turning my house back into a home, is going to enable us to do such a better job moving forwards!

“The systems used by Chrisbeon meant they came up with exactly what I wanted and in my case were able to manufacture the desk to the exact size to fit the room.

“Their delivery and installation team assembled it all and put it in place as per the plan and they were able to part exchange my old desk to sell in their preloved showroom in Telford. They also donated files, waste bin, drywipe boards for the walls, drywipe markers, year planners and other stationery which is just fantastic.

New office space to meet increasing demand

Overhead 3D view of proposed office

“Climbing Out has gone from strength to strength and I am delighted at what we have been able to achieve. It was necessary to move into a new office to meet our increasing demands and I am extremely grateful to Richard, Craig and the team at Chrisbeon for helping us to furnish it.

“Chrisbeon has been a good friend to Climbing Out and their help with the new office is another way they have been able to support us as their chosen company charity.”