Top six ways to give your customers the best first impression

Top six ways to give your customers the best first impression

Whether you’re a new company looking to build their office space from scratch, or an existing firm needing a make-over, it can be tempting just to think in terms of practicalities – how many desks and chairs do I need? Do I need a break-out or reception area?

But if customers are going to be visiting the office, showroom or headquarters then it’s vital you think about them too – creating the best first impression could leave them less tempted to check out your competitors!

We’ve put together our top tips for showing your business off at its best to anyone walking through the door:

1. Seats for all

If you know you’re going to be welcoming customers into your office on a regular basis then simply providing an extra chair or two at your desk might not make them feel as welcome as a whole area dedicated to meetings or catch-ups.

Creating space within your company for customers to sit that’s comfortable, while in-keeping with the style of the rest of your furniture, is a great way to give them the impression they’re valued. We have a whole range of options whether you’re after a boardroom-type set up or more of a relaxed cafe vibe.

2. Spend on what your clients will see

Reception desks and seating is normally the first thing your clients or visitors see – and possibly a meeting or board room – so this is where you want to impress and maybe spend a little more on the ‘wow’ factor. Back admin offices can utilise pre-loved items and furniture that are more functional for employee needs.

3. Clever storage

Walking into an office where there’s paper strewn all over the place, pens and stationery piled up everywhere and everything looks totally disorganised gives such a bad first impression. Setting aside some of your budget to look at some handy storage ideas can make a real difference to how the office looks, without breaking the bank.

Tidying away your paperwork and supplies is something which hardly takes any time if you get each member of staff to clear away their own stuff, and our fantastic options at Chrisbeon mean there’s something to suit all companies.

4. Shabby is not necessarily chic

There’s a time and a place for shabby and your office, showroom or headquarters certainly isn’t it. We understand that companies may not have a huge budget for furniture, especially smaller businesses and those just starting out, and that’s why we offer affordable ranges and second-hand options too.

Pre-loved furniture doesn’t have to look used, and we offer a three-month guarantee on all of ours to give you peace of mind that it’ll be the right purchase for you.

5. Look after your staff

If a customer walks into your office and can see all of your staff are productive, motivated and enjoying the work they’re doing, that’s going to make a fantastic first impression.

Ensuring your staff are happy while they’re in the office can be a key way of drawing in more custom, and one of the ways you can do that is by thinking about the comfort of your workforce.

At Chrisbeon we’ve been highlighting the benefits of sit/stand desks for years now – using one can have a positive impact on the health of your employees. And they’re certain to be a talking point for customers who may not have seen one before.

We also have a huge range of back-care chairs, they’re not only great for your workers but also promote to anyone visiting that you have your staff’s best interest at heart!

6. Make it fit

Vintage style desks might look out of place in the offices of a tech-savvy digital-focused company while uber modern furniture probably isn’t going to look great at the headquarters of an antiques dealer.

Choosing office furniture which fits with your company’s offering shows a customer you’ve really invested some time and thought into all aspects of your business.

We’ve got decades of experience within the furniture and stationery world, so why not get some advice from the experts and ask our staff to show you items within our range we think might be perfect for your office?