Stand up or sit down? The benefits of a standing desk

Stand up or sit down? The benefits of a standing desk

Having spent a large part of my working life as a chef I was always on my feet, in fact, back then I was always looking for an excuse to sit down.


Now I’m at the other end of spectrum – I’m sat down for long periods looking for an opportunity to stand up.

Back problems are common in the office workplace and one of the main reasons for sick leave – so more businesses are making sure that they supply the right equipment for their staff.

There are plenty of medical reasons why it’s not ideal to sit down for long periods – I was told once that you needed to get up from your desk every twenty minutes to stretch and take a break.

That seemed ridiculous, who had the time to get up and down every twenty minutes, you’d never get anything done?

A standing desk was seen as a bit of a gimmick and rarely ever seen inside an office – but now with the increased health risks of sitting down, the standing desk is becoming the ideal solution if not cure.

I needed to try one for myself, so I decided to go to Chrisbeon Office Supplies who were more than happy to recommend me a desk which was suitable.

The desk was simple to install and very easy to use. All I had to do was set it up on my existing desk, tuck my chair in and away I went.

At first it seemed a little strange – towering over the rest of the office, and I didn’t feel like I could stand up all day.

That problem was easily solved by two handles on either side, which when depressed, the desk would slowly lower down.

Once lowered it acted as a computer stand so that my view was in line with the screen and I was in the correct posture for working.

During the day when I felt the need to get up and move about I simply raised the desk up to a standing position without any difficulty.

There are many health benefits to using a standing desk including reduced risk of obesity, reduced risk of cardiovascular disease and improved mood and posture.

It might sound like just another health fad which will phase out eventually, but unless you’ve actually used one it’s hard to comment.

But reducing sedentary time can improve physical and even mental health. This is why sitting less and standing more is such an important lifestyle change.

If you want to find out more about standing desks as well as a range of full electric standing desks – speak to one of the team at Chrisbeon