Taking care of a pregnant employee

Taking care of a pregnant employee

Are you an employer looking to take care of a pregnant employee?

As part of any good safety management system within a business it is necessary for risk assessments to be conducted.

Assessments on the use of display screen equipment ensure compliance with legislation and reduce any risks which may arise from the use of DSE (Display Screen Equipment) to the user.

Revisit the employee DSE assessment

When an employee is pregnant it is important to revisit the employee DSE assessment to ensure they will be safe and healthy in their employment throughout the pregnancy.

And something that can often come out of a fresh risk assessment is the need to ensure the pregnant employee is sitting on a suitable chair.

As qualified DSE assessors ourselves we assist businesses across the country in meeting DSE requirements and can advise and recommend on what is possible.

Meeting their needs

Making sure that the back is properly supported is fundamental in aiding the relief of back pain, and if the chair the employee is sitting on is causing discomfort, we would suggest looking into alternative solutions.

An extra high back chair with adjustable arms and seat would be our recommendation. We have a number of these in our showroom as we believe it is important for employees to try out the chair before you buy.

The AWC71, the blue chair in our image above, has an extra high back with fold-down height adjustable arms, an option 10 lumbar pump – to support the lower back – and you are able to adjust and angle the seat.

The AWC81ADJ, the black chair in our image above, has a high back, height adjustable arms, lumbar pump and a seat slide.

Both chairs can come with an optional headrest and in a variety of colours to match any office branding – they are suitable for all employees due to adjustments that can be made so it would not only be used for nine months.

It may be that you do not require a new chair, but your employee is in need of a footrest, or additional arms or a headrest.

Your next move

We are happy to go through the options with you, and your employee, and can be contacted on 01952 292606 or feel free to pop into our Telford showroom and chat to one of our DSE assessors.